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SUZUKI Swift 5-door (ZC72S/ZD72S) Pre-Cut Car Tint Film UV IR 3M Japanese Equivalent

SUZUKI Swift 5-door (ZC72S/ZD72S) Pre-Cut Car Tint Film UV IR 3M Japanese Equivalent
SUZUKI Swift 5-door (ZC72S/ZD72S) Pre-Cut Car Tint Film UV IR 3M Japanese Equivalent
Price: AU $ 185.00
Status: in stock
Delivery: 3~8 Business Days
Payments: PayPal
Product Code: suzuki-000034
Rear Tint Set Film Color
Cut The Rear Glass
Cut Other Than Rear Glass
Enter Year (Ex May 2009)
Model Code Type(Ex ZVW30)
Doors (Ex 5-doors)

Name: SUZUKI Swift 5-door
Model Code Type: ZC72S/ZD72S
Item ID: suzuki-000034
Film Brand: New Protection

Product Description
The content of this product is as follows.

  • Rear glass
  • Rear Side Glass
  • Rear Quarter Glass
  • Rear door glass
* This set does not include films on the front door glass left and right.
Also, depending on the model, if there is no glass above, the film is not included.

How to order
Please select a film color.
Please choose the Cutting method.
In principle we Cut off the high mount stop lamp part.
If you are not confident in car film sticking, we recommend "emphasis on ease of sticking".
Please be sure to fill in the model, model after confirming car verification.
Depending on the number of doors, the shape of the film may be different. Please be sure to fill in.
"*" It is a required field.


Ultra Scratch-Resistant Hard Coat Combined with Optimum Strength Polyester!

Only after clearing the most stringent of Japanese manufacturing standards has New Protection Car Film been released to the commercial market.

We collaborate with producers, textile manufacturing companies and pro-shops throughout all stages of research and development until we are convinced our product is ready for commercial release. Comprehensively tested, innovations such as polyester with world-class durability and a superior scratch-resistant hard coat are just examples of how we are constantly devising ways to maintain a level of performance that inspires confidence in our products.


Gentle on Your Skin, Reduces Interior Fading and Noticeably Cuts Interior Heat to Create a More Comfortable Driving Experience!

By cutting ultraviolet rays, you can considerably reduce the risk of sunburn whilst driving, not to mention the fading of your vehicle’s interior. Moreover, by significantly reducing infrared rays, it is possible to alleviate the summer heat generated inside your vehicle and greatly increase the comfort of your driving experience. Also, with Infra Pure 88 (almost transparent), it can be used on your front driver's seat and passenger front windows by maintaining visible light (brightness) at more than 80%, allowing for full visibility with all the added protection benefits that window tinting can provide.

When applying tint film on front door glass (not to mention any other window), please be aware of regulations applicable to your state and type of vehicle. Bocci will not be held responsible for any legal ramifications that may occur due to the application of tint that does not comply with local regulations. Please also be aware as to whether or not your vehicle windows have been factory tinted, this will also affect the final darkness rating and legality of your tint.



Window Tint Laws.

FRONT DOOR GLASS: Must have more than 35% VLT.

SA, QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS: Must have more than 35% VLT.
NT: Must have more than 15% VLT.
WA: Must have more than 20% VLT.




We Take Utmost Care in Ensuring that Your Product is Packaged Carefully!

At Bocci, all of our car tint is cut using official window dimensions, by professionals, on digital plotters. We make every effort to commence fabrication as soon as we receive an order. Any returned items are re-fabricated and dispatched as soon as possible. In addition, please feel rest assured that any incident of damage to your product whilst in transit will also result in prompt re-fabrication and dispatch. Please feel free to contact us.

Please note, if you find that your product appears to have been damaged in transit. If you could please inform (where possible) the courier that you are aware that they have delivered damaged stock, take photos of the product and then contact us. This will allow us to settle the issue with the shipping company much more easily. Then we can concentrate on getting a new one out to you as soon as possible!