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How to Install Car Tint! A Step By Step Guide -Rear Glass-

How to Install Beginner Level Rear Glass Tint!

Rear windows can be quite a challenge to tint. Besides the concerns of rear brake lights, rear speakers with surrounding interior padding and window embedded demister wires, rear windows are generally always curved to a contour that makes cleanly installing a single piece of tint impossible unless it is heat-shrunk before installation. Hence, unless you already have some confidence in car tinting, we recommend installing your rear tint using the easy-install strips that do not require heat-shrinking.

This tutorial describes the process for installing the easy-install strips, and does not include the heat shrinking process.

Rear Glass Cleaning

Give the inside and outside of the glass surface a thorough clean, however please be cautious of the demister strips! Do not be tempted to use a razor over your rear windows, a single break in your demister lines will cause the rear demister to stop working! Carefully remove any stickers that are affixed to the inside surface, careful use of a hair dryer may help to remove stubborn stickers without tearing. A towel placed over the rear speakers and interior padding will help to prevent any water damage.


Removal of Glass Peripheral Parts

We recommend that you disassemble any interior items such as high mount brake lights or interior padding that could interfere with your tint installation. Please use your own discretion here. As a general rule, if it seems like it might get in the way when you are installing your tint, it probably will. Best to make the installation process as easy as possible by removing any obstructions before proceeding.


Prep the Film for Adhesion

Spray a generous amount of your slip solution in your spray bottle onto the cleaned glass surface. Place your tint onto the outside rear window surface with the transparent plastic sheet facing outwards.

Please note that when you separate the tint from the transparent sheet, unless your fingers are wet, permanent fingerprints can be left on the glue surface of the tint.

Try to keep your fingers moist when handling tint!

Please be careful not let the tint float freely when peeling back the transparent layer, kinks in the tint need to be avoided as much as possible.


Peel back the transparent layer until you are left with about 5 to 10cm of unpeeled sheet on one side.

Give the exposed tint a good spray with the tint solution.

Re-lay the transparent sheet back over onto the tint and begin to roll it back up carefully, starting at the end that has yet to be peeled away, as can be seen in the adjacent diagram.


Installing Your Rear Window Tint

If possible, begin with another quick spray and squeegee of the install area, it can never be too clean! After your final clean, give the first install section of window a coating of slip solution.

With your roll of tint in both hands, separate the two layers, allowing one hand to lay the tint against the window surface while the other hand unpeels the transparent layer away from the roll.

Once you have a 20cm or so laid in place, you should be able to pull away the remainder of the transparent layer without too much difficulty.

Position the tint and ensure that the tint looks even on the glass and that the black outside edges (frit & dot matrix) are covered on both sides.


Once your first strip of tint is positioned, spray the outside of the tint with your slip solution and proceed to fix the tint to your glass in the same manner explained for door windows (starting from the middle and pushing outwards to the edges, finish with microfibre or paper towel over the edges with your squeegee).


Repeat the whole procedure from step 3 for the 2nd piece of tint.

* When laying the 2nd piece, please overlap on the 1st piece by about 1.5mm across the top edge. This will assist adhesion and allow the seam to blend in well with the demister lines.

Repeat the whole procedure from step 3 for the 3rd piece of tint in the same manner as the 2nd.

Begin reassembly of any removed interior components such as brake lights.


Congratulations, you have now installed your new rear tint!