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How to Install Car Tint! A Step By Step Guide -Rear Door Glass-

Front and Rear Door Glass Car Tint Installation Guide!

We will now go through the basic steps involved when installing car tint on front and rear door glass. The process will differ slightly with each model of car (e.g. whether to or how much door trim to remove) and you may find that some people will install tint slightly differently. However, the basic process always remains the same. Please take your time and proceed carefully! Biggest piece of advice, make sure everything is clean!

Door Glass Cleaning

To begin with, clean the inside and outside of the glass surface with a clean towel. * Cleaning the glass properly makes all the difference as to how nice the finish is on your tint after installation. A thorough clean is absolutely necessary! Many professional tinters will scrape-clean the inside installation face of each window (on a 45° angle) with a razor/cutter blade to ensure all traces of dirt are removed. The door frames and panels surrounding each window should also be wiped gently with a wet towel to remove dust and dirt.


Prep the Film for Adhesion

Spray a generous amount of your slip solution in your spray bottle onto the cleaned glass surface. Place your tint onto the outside window surface with the transparent plastic sheet facing outwards. You may find it easier to position the tint slightly loweron the window.

* Please note that when you separate the tint from the transparent sheet, unless your fingers are wet, permanent fingerprints can be left on the glue surface of the tint. Try to keep your fingers moist when handling tint!

Carefully peel down the transparent sheet from the top towards the bottom of the tint.
Do not remove the transparent sheet completely, please leave about 5 cm of transparent sheet secured to the tint. Don’t let go!

* Please be careful not let the tint float freely when peeling down the transparent layer, kinks in the tint need to be avoided as much as possible.


While holding onto the transparent sheet, please spray your slip solution from your spray bottle all over your exposed tint surface.

Be sure to spray your exposed tint surface with a generous amount of slip solution. After spraying, roll the transparent sheet back up onto your tint and lightly roll up the tint ready for installation.


Priming the Glass for Installation

Assuming that the window has been thoroughly cleaned/prepped and surrounding area cleaned and wiped (as described above), begin by winding down the window approximately 5cm.

Give the window another good spray and with the slip solution.

Squeegee off and ensure that your edges are clean.

* This is basically just a final clean to give yourself the best chance to have great looking tint without any dirt spots. Please note, dust and grime accumulates easily in the window frame so please take care on these areas.


Front and Rear Door Tint Install

Now that your installation surface is as clean as it possibly can be, take a deep breath and get ready for the fun part! Give the window surface another good coating with your slip solution. * Please remember to ensure that your fingers are clean and wet at this point, dry fingers can leave permanent prints on tint adhesive. Grab your rolled tint and starting from the top, peel off the top edge of the tint away from the transparent sheet and prepare to line it up with the window (make sure your window is still wet with slip!).

Allow the transparent sheet to curl down as you separate it from your tint. There should be enough slip between your tint and the window to allow for you to slide your tint into position without sticking, be careful to avoid wrinkling the tint. Aim to allow a 1-2mm gap of no tint along the top edge of the glass, this will assist adhesion and help to prevent the tint from peeling back over time.

When inserting the film in the window frame section, similar to the manner shown in the photo that contains the red arrow, move the film obliquely downward in the middle side with the thumb, making a soft vertical wrinkle, and insert the top half of the side edge behind the window frame. We will insert the film inside the window frame using this method for both left and right hand sides of the window.

* At this time, please be careful not to break the film with excessive force. If the film does not move relatively easily or is sticking, please peel the tint back and spray a little more slip solution onto the window.


Once you are satisfied with your positioning, spray some slip solution over the front face of the tint.

Starting from the middle and pushing outwards to the edges, use your squeegee to fix your tint to the glass doing your best to push out all traces of liquid behind the tint. Once completed, we then recommend a disposable microfibre or paper towel over your squeegee to run up across the top edge to remove any final traces of water or dirt.

Once fixed, we’ll need to wind up the window in order to complete the lower half of the tint.

Carefully roll up the hanging transparent sheet, lifting enough to raise the unfixed tint. Spray the remaining section between the tint and the window with a good amount of slip solution.

* At this time, the tint already in place the window frame can be damaged quite easily, please take care when lifting the transparent sheet/tint.

Remove the transparent sheet from the tint with one hand while supporting the tint against the window with the other.


We will now insert the bottom edge of the tint in behind the window seals. By applying a little pressure, you should be able to raise it up with your thumbs and carefully insert it behind the window seals in each corner and the bottom edge.

Once the film is in behind the seals, give the whole window another hit with the slip solution.

As before, starting from the middle and working your way outwards, fix the tint film onto the glass with your squeegee, this time, going over the entire window space. After that has been completed, another piece of disposable microfibre or paper towel over the squeegee to carefully push out any remaining air bubbles or liquid, checking carefully for any dust spots. Please repeat this procedure for any triangular front or rear quarter panels that may also be apparent.

Please refrain from winding down your windows for about 24 hours after tinting is complete.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed your new car tint!


We also recommend doing a video search for other guides on how to install car window tint, although Bocci Online Shop Australia does not endorse or have any affiliation with these videos, you may find them useful!


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