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How to Install Car Tint! A Step By Step Guide

How to Install Car Tint! A Step By Step Guide

In this guide we will explain how to install pre-cut car window tint. It will also include all the necessary preparations, how to make a spray solution, things to watch out for when installing tint, how to install tint on front and rear passenger door windows and how to install tint on rear windscreens.

Things to prepare

    • Spray bottle
    • Tint Squeegee (and/or hard card squeegee)
    • Hobby/Trimmer knife (and/or scissors)
    • Neutral detergent (recommend J&J baby shampoo)
    • Disposable microfibre towels (or paper towels)
    • Bucket

How to Make a Spray Solution

Please put approximately 3-5 drops of the neutral detergent in a spray bottle for every 500ml of water. Depending on the weather and the viscosity (thickness) of your detergent, you may need to add a little more. Increasing the amount of detergent in your mix will make the film easier to place, however too much will cause the tint to over slip, increase drying time and potentially increase the chances of contaminants (dirt) getting under your film.

Air Temperature 20 ° C or lower · · · 3 drops
Air Temperature 25 ° C or less · · · 4 drops
Air Temperature 25 ° C or more · · · 5 drops


Advice on Applying Tint

In sunny weather and in temperatures above 25 ° C, we highly recommend installing tint in the shade (in fact, whenever possible we recommend tinting in somewhere like an enclosed garage, free from excessive sunlight, wind and dust).At this point, to ensure that your spray bottle and tint squeegee remain clean during the tint installation, we recommend putting them into a bucket of clean water.


Preparing The Tint Film

Remove the tape that is holding the full roll of film together. While holding the edge of the film where the tape is, carefully unroll the tint onto a clean flat surface, taking care not to allow the tint to kink as it unrolls.


Separating Each Section of Tint

Place the transparent sheet side up. Please cut around each piece of tint with your knife / scissors, leaving about a 1cm border around each piece. We highly recommend marking your side windows with an “L” and “R” in texta or something similar in order to avoid confusion when it is time to install! After separating all of your tint into individual pieces, we recommend rolling them back up (separately or together) and securing with tape until you are ready to install.

You may notice some Japanese on your tint sheets when you open them up. They are designed to help you tell which piece of tint is left and which is right. 左:Left 右:Right