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Here you can find the answers to many of the common inquiries and frequently asked questions sent to our online store.

Regarding Car Film

What is Pre-cut Car Film / Window Tint?

Depending on the make, year or model of any given car, the size and shape of the windows will be different. Pre-cut car film is tint that has been precisely cut to fit a particular size car window.

We cut our tint on a plotter (semi-automated film and vinyl cutter) from film data files that correspond to the particular model vehicle that a customer requests.

What is Pro-Spec Tint?

Not all tints are the same! There are many different grades of tint currently available on the market. Many of which are quite poorly constructed and prone to scratches, fading and bubbling. Removing old, poor quality tint can sometimes be much more difficult than installing new tint!

All of the products handled at our shop are professional grade car films used by responsible professional car film contractors.

What is IR?

IR is an abbreviation of the term “Infrared”, referring to a form of thermal (heat) radiation. It has been found that slightly more than half of the energy that we receive from the sun comes in the form of infrared.

In the car film industry IR refers to car tint that has been constructed with insulating properties designed to block or greatly reduce the amount of infrared radiation that would normally pass through regular car windows, which makes cars very hot and uncomfortable inside. IR New Protection car films have these insulating properties and effectively blocks a high percentage of infrared (heat) rays


Regarding Member Registration

What is the Membership Registration About?

Registering as a member of Bocci Online Shop Australia will not only allow your purchase process to become much more streamlined by having your delivery and contact details on hand, but will also allow you to take advantage of our purchase point system and allow you to be aware of any sales and promotions that we may be having.

Member registration is very straightforward, requiring little more than the information that you would need to complete a single purchase.

Additionally, each member also has access to a personal membership page that outlines their registration details, tally of accrued purchase points, purchase history and so on.

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I Forgot My Password, What Should I Do?

If you lose your password click here to get a new password.

Please fill in your registered e-mail address and click "Get new password". An email containing a password reset link will be sent to the registered mail address. When you click on that link, you will receive an email with a new password.

Please then enter your registered email address and the newly mentioned password from the login page and login.

After logging in, from the account settings section of your membership page, you will now be able to change your temporary password to a new password of your choice. Once confirmed, this new password will become effective immediately, please be sure to take note of your new password for future reference.


Regarding Shopping · Payment

From Product Search to Shopping Cart

To begin, you can type in the make or model of your vehicle in the search window at the top of the page or click on the menu link "List of Products" to take you to the main product search page.

Clicking on "Category" will allow you to search by make (manufacturer), please note that anything written in the "Keywords" section will combine with any selection made in "Category". If you wish to make a new search (or search by manufacturer only) please be sure to delete anything written in the "Kewords" section.

Once you have found your vehicle (the codes in brackets underneath each model's title may be very useful in confirming your vehicle, please feel free to contact us if you are unsure!), please select your preferred tint options and input your vehicle details.

Once you are comfortable with your choices, please click on the "Add to Cart" button to continue.

From Shopping Cart to Purchase

After clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, you will be brought to Step 1 of the Shopping Cart interface. Step 1 will present the details of all items that have been added to your shopping cart. From here you may:

  1. Edit your quantity by changing the number under the “Quantity” column and then clicking the blue “Update” button.
  2. Select “Buy it later” to save your selections for a future purchase.
  3. Clear an item from your shopping cart by clicking “Delete” next to that item.
  4. Return to the product list search interface to continue searching by clicking on the “Continue Shopping” button.

Please review the details of your order and check for any errors before clicking “Checkout” to continue.
If you are already a member of Bocci Online Shop Australia, you can fast track the purchasing process by logging in on the right hand side.

Otherwise, please select whether you wish to checkout as a guest or create a new membership. This could be a good time to sort out your membership details!

You will then be displayed with a confirmation page containing your delivery information and the product that you wish to order. If all of these detail appear correct to you, please click to continue.

On the payment method selection screen, choose from credit card transactions. Please select it and click the next.

On the final confirmation screen, you will be presented with all of the particulars for your order, please confirm that all of the particulars of your order are correct.

If your order is correct, please click the confirmation button to continue.

After confirmation, you will receive an automatically generated email from our store confirming that we have received your order. Shortly afterwards, you should receive an Order Confirmation Email from us that will guide you through the final payment process or request further confirmation of any issues that may have arisen with your order.

Once payment has been confirmed, we will begin the cutting and shipping processes as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy your new professional grade tint!

Various settlement methods Credit card transaction


"Create an account with PayPal" "What is PayPal?"

Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be able to purchase your iit.

As you proceed with purchasing items, you will proceed to the payment page (PayPal payment page). Please fill out the card information, customer information, password on the settlement page, and complete the settlement.

PayPal payment completed

When settlement is completed, you will receive a payment notification e-mail from PayPal to your registered e-mail address. Simultaneously with that mail, we will complete payment.


About Bocci Online Shop Australia

With Bocci Online Shop Australia

Bocci Online Shop is a film sale site of Bocci, a cut car film cut by car model.

The film which the professional is using at the actual site is precisely cut by the plotter and we are offering it.